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We Bring Endoscopic Video Swallow Studies
To Your Front Door

Since opening our doors to patients back in 2017, Dysphagia in Motion has been a leading Swallowing Diagnostics Provider for patients in the greater New Orleans and South Louisiana regions. We  guarantee top of the line diagnostic services to help your rehab team get patients back to full health. Contact us today and see how we can help improve patient outcomes at your facility.

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Learn More About Endoscopic Swallow Studies (FEES)

Endoscopy has been used to diagnose and treat swallowing disorders since 1986 and is now available to South Louisiana with Dysphagia in Motion. To learn more about FEES, watch this short informational video from the Mayo Clinic.



We offer a variety of services to fit your needs


Mobile Endoscopic Video Swallow Studies

We offer Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES), a gold-standard, evidence-based procedure that can be performed at the patient's bedside with no barium consumption or radiation exposure. Using the flexible endoscope, we're able to visualize the swallow in a patient's natural eating environment to assess swallowing function.

FEES is a cost-effective alternative to Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBSS) at 1/4 of the price with no transportation or mileage costs to your facility.  

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Dysphagia Consulting

Dysphagia among hospitalized patients (particularly the elderly) not only lengthens hospital stays and increases the risk of dying, but also carries significant economic burdens. Research shows that hospital and rehab stays among patients with difficulty swallowing were almost double that of patients without dysphagia - with an estimated cost per year topping $547 billion (Altman K, et al., 2010).

We would like to help reduce some of these costs by establishing programs or procedures for your facility that works best for your patients AND your team.

Liz Nguyen and Nicole Hines, Georgia Speech and Hearing Association Conference

Educational In-Services

As South Louisiana's only mobile swallowing diagnostics service provider, we're working hard to ensure our company reaches as many patients and clinicians as possible. In addition to presenting at multiple state conferences and hosting several Continuing Education (CEU) events in the New Orleans area every year, our owner works tirelessly to ensure our team is speed on the current research.

We're happy to work with your facility to offer educational sessions to your staff members.

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Why Choose Us?

Because high quality images paired with in-depth analysis of swallowing function leads to improved recommendations.

  • Timely assessments! We aim to have your patient evaluated within 1-2 business days.

  • Cost-effective! FEES costs about 1/4 to 1/2 of a traditional modified barium swallow study (MBSS) at the hospital.

  • We work our hardest to prevent your patient from being placed on texture modified diets but if they need to, we can prove with objective data for accurate documentation.

  • We take the time to help you come up with strategies and make recommendations that ACTUALLY WORK!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Endoscopic Swallowing Evaluation work?

During the procedure, a flexible scope with a video camera attached is introduced into the patient's nose where the SLP can clearly view laryngeal and pharyngeal structures. The patient is then led through various tasks and given food and/or liquids to evaluate the swallow.

For more information, watch this educational video from the Mayo Clinic.

How long does it take?

The procedure typically takes between 10-15 minutes (excluding set-up time and education), however, the scope can record for as long as needed to assess factors such as fatigue, compensatory strategies, identify signs of reflux, etc.

What patients benefit from FEES?

Although FEES can be performed on virtually any person of any age, endoscopy is the preferred diagnostic for the following populations:

  • Ventilator dependent patients

  • Patients who easily fatigue

  • Patients unable to leave contact isolation rooms

  • Suspected aspiration of secretions

  • Suspected laryngopharyngeal reflux

  • Patients with known vocal fold paresis or paralysis 

  • Patients with contractures or decubitus ulcers who cannot maintain upright positioning

  • Suspected intubation/extubation trauma, including edema or erythema

  • Patients with chronically wet vocal quality or throat clearing

  • Dementia or TBI patients who are routinely confused and/or unable to follow commands 

I already have access to MBSS. How does FEES help?

Videofluoroscopy (MBSS) has long been viewed as the "gold standard" for evaluation of a swallowing disorder for the comprehensive information it provides.  However, it is not very efficient and accessible in certain clinical and practical situations.  In addition, MBSS does not allow for the assessment of soft tissue and airway patency, which is an integral component of swallowing function. FEES has been shown to be as equally safe and effective for swallowing evaluation. In fact, research articles have also repeatedly proven that FEES is also a gold-standard assessment and is just as accurate, with even better sensitivity and specificity than MBSS.

Visit our Research and Literature page to learn more. 

How does billing work?

Billing can seem like a complicated matter but it doesn't need to be. After completing the procedure, we drop off an invoice to your billing department that same day. Reimbursement rates for the procedure varies depending on your location, however, our team can work with your office manager to determine reimbursement for patients that qualify.

How much does it cost?

The average cost for FEES ranges based on geographical location and patient needs, with the national average ranging from $350-$500 per procedure. We can guarantee that FEES is a faster, more cost-effective solution for your facility based on reimbursement rates. We also offer a steep discount for private pay patients who don't have insurance. Please contact us if this applies to you.

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Meet The Owner

Liz Nguyen, MA, CCC-SLP

Liz Nguyen, MA, CCC-SLP - Speech Language Pathologist

Liz is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist based in New Orleans, Louisiana and the owner of Dysphagia in Motion. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees with honors from the University of Central Florida, with a dual-degree in Business Finance. In addition, Liz was granted a graduate certificate to serve English Learners with communication disorders through a research grant funded by the US Department of Education.

Liz has completed additional specialized training in treatment and management of dysphagia using endoscopy and working with tracheostomy/ventilator dependent and traumatic brain injury populations. Her professional areas of interest and expertise include adult dysphagia, cerebrovascular disorders, medically fragile, and end-of-life/palliative care.


Liz has served as a Clinical Mentor for graduate students interested in the field of medical speech pathology and frequently guest lectures on a variety of topics relating to the Basics of Endoscopy, Medical Ethics, Supervision in Speech-Language Pathology, Counseling in Speech-Language Pathology, and Voice/Swallowing Disorders. She is actively licensed to practice in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

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Continuing Education

We host CEU events for SLPs several times a year.

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Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #4


October 16, 2019

Topics: Pediatric Dysphagia; SLP's Role and Esophageal Disorders

In collaboration with Louisiana State University

Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #3


June 26, 2019

Topics: Condensed Review of the Charleston Swallowing Conference; Post-Extubation Voice and Swallowing

Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #2


June 20, 2018

Topics: Head and Neck Cancer; Common Dysphagia Myths

Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #1


January 9, 2018

Topics: FEES 101; Stroboscopy and Endoscopy

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