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Continuing Education

We host CEU events for SLPs several times a year.

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Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #4


October 16, 2019

Topics: Pediatric Dysphagia; SLP's Role and Esophageal Disorders

In collaboration with Louisiana State University

Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #3


June 26, 2019

Topics: Condensed Review of the Charleston Swallowing Conference; Post-Extubation Voice and Swallowing

Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #2


June 20, 2018

Topics: Head and Neck Cancer; Common Dysphagia Myths

Scopes, Strobes, and Sangrias - Session #1


January 9, 2018

Topics: FEES 101; Stroboscopy and Endoscopy

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